Lighthouse Baptist Church

Dr. Donald Erickson, Pastor

Donald Erickson is a native of Jamestown, New York where he, his wife and his son, Andrew, are currently serving the Lord. He was saved later in life after serving in the U.S. Navy, attending community college and marrying his wife, Helen.

Within a year of their salvation, God called Don into full-time service. He enrolled as a pastor's major at Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO. where he graduated receiving a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree.

While serving in the pastorate he attended Andersonville Baptist Seminary where he earned his Master's degree in Theology and in 1999 completed his Doctorate in Theology.

In a world that is going liberal, the past fifteen years in the pastorate have only proved to reinforce Dr. Erickson's position on conservatism.

Today the largest percentage of the population is caught up in atheism, para-church organizations, religionism, the cults, Catholicism, humanism, and etc... The many branches of protestantism (which are not, in the strictest sense, New Testament churches), would fall into this category. Existentialism, Secular Humanism (the religion), self worship, materialism, "christian" pseudo religious groups like the Masons, Shriners, & etc., all take their place among the eternally doomed.

Dr. Erickson is currently the senior pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Jamestown, New York.